The Circle of Life … & Death … & Complete Healing

Last Sunday I could never have imagined I’d be writing this blog post this Sunday. As Darin & I sat in his room watching the service at our church, worshiping right along with everyone, we were filled with peace. Supported & encouraged by the powerful prayers of so many of our loved ones. We waved back to those that waved at us & opened our hearts & spirits in song.

But as has so often been the case on this cancer journey, on Monday we were met with yet another turning point. In hospital Darin was in pain. Terrible pain … which was agonizing for all of us. In his quiet, calm manor he handled it well .. with inner strength that comes from God alone. While we grappled with decisions over what could be done, what should be done & what God was doing, he rested. Heavily medicated he slept, & then woke & smiled & made us laugh. Typical Darin. Always, always, always loving, kind, so considerate & sweet.

We wept in private & comforted him always. We prayed for a miracle … & I believe we got one. A living, breathing, real-life miracle named Darin. Fully surrendered to God. Forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace our sweet angel. Safe in arms of Jesus.


2 thoughts on “The Circle of Life … & Death … & Complete Healing

  1. I have been sitting through a great event at WMB called blue Christmas.
    I have been writing out memories in my journal from the life of a dear friend, Darin Fast.
    What a great guy! What a great memory I have of a once young boy/ youth turned, and grown into a wonderful man.
    I am privileged to have spent 7 – 8 years building a friendship that will never die.
    Dave , Teri, Leah, Colin, thank you for sharing with me your amazing son, and brother, for I will never forget him.
    Darin, my friend we will meet again someday.


  2. No words can convey the pain you must be feeling of your loss. I am joyful in that Darin’s pain has come to an end and his body is one again pure, clean, strong and whole. In the embrace of Jesus surrounded by the love of our God he will now “be” forever, but not by you for just a short time.

    Your strength as a family and your faith and praise of HIM during all of this humbles me. Please be gentle with each other, as I know you will, and know there are people who you have deeply affected in sharing your lives.

    My God bless you with his love and grace as you navigate the next set of challenges.


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