Full Circle

It’s been an unbelievable 24 hours … & we are right back where we started this crazy journey of ups & downs, twists & turns, bumps & bruises. On a sunny, warm Friday in May we entered the Walker Family Cancer Clinic at the St. Catharines General Hospital expecting more tests & walked out with a new label … “cancer patient”. Last night, almost exactly 6 months later, we returned to the hospital … our 3rd ambulance ride in 2 weeks 😦 … after Darin suffered an unexpected fracture in his left thigh bone while trying to get out of bed. UGGHHH!! 😦 The absolute agony of it all! He was distressed & honestly, so were we. A rough & restless night was spent by all.

But, we had great care from EMS Niagara, the ER doc who got Darin admitted, nurses on the surgical floor & the amazing orthopedic surgeon who managed to set Darin’s broken leg in traction. Sadly, surgery to repair it is not an option in his condition, so we are doing our best to manage his symptoms & get him the best pain relief possible.

He is heavily medicated & drowsy, but did enjoy a couple visits from family & friends, including our awesome pastors Kevin & Jeff.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our amazing son & for the rest of our family as we trudge along this difficult path. It is gut wrenching to watch helplessly as your child/brother (no matter what age) suffers both physical & mental duress. God is with us. We know & believe that with all our hearts. We take comfort in Him.


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