I’ve been dreading writing this post all week, because I feel like I have no idea what title to give it or where to even begin to describe what has gone on the last several days.

As the pattern goes … after a couple good days on the weekend where we got to enjoy some great time together as a family, with Colin & Leah & Nova, Colin’s puppy(!) – pics to follow 🙂 both visiting;  it’s been straight down hill from there. Definitely hoping & praying it is a rough patch & nothing more.

While Darin was feeling OK, he & we were able to get out for some family pictures (many thanks to Cindy, of CJK Photography), & a visit to the lake with the dogs & Gramma & Grampa. Our boys cheered on their favourite hockey team together & joined us for 2 rounds of “Sorry” 🙂 Darin even enjoyed sharing his gift on the piano in church on Sunday. So great to see & such a sweet blessing!

But the burdens following the blessings have been very heavy. He has been in A LOT of pain, so excruciating at times that he feels completely seized up & can’t move. One episode so severe it sent us back to the ER again. The struggle to find effective pain meds is real too, & the involvement of CCAC & yet another ‘team’ of health care professionals makes me feel better & sick at the same time. Palliative is a word I just can’t tolerate quite yet & maybe never will.

We are surrounded, that’s for sure … with both tremendous blessings & terrible burdens. Blessings abound in caring friends with offerings of  healthy food, prayerful support & countless messages of love & compassion from family & people both near & far help get us through every day. They, along with strength that comes from God alone, help us carry burdens that are far too heavy for us … the heartache that comes with watching your child suffer in so many ways, from a beast-of-a-disease that is ravaging his body. It is all-consuming & at times overwhelming.

We are surrounded by a triune treatment regimen too. Darin is now taking a chemo-therapeutic drug orally every day to try to slow down or stop the growth & spread of his many cancerous tumours. We have also sought out treatment with Naturopathic Doctors who specialize in cancer (in St. Catharines of all places – yay!) for IV Vitamin C infusions 2-3x/week as well as Photodynamic “Light” Therapy at a private clinic in Toronto 1x/week.

We are fighting this dreaded disease from all sides & invite you to join the fight by continuing to pray to the One who can heal our boy completely.  Darin said it himself this week … “one thing about this pain … I know it won’t last forever” ❤

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know HIM who holds the future. That has to be enough for now.


4 thoughts on ““Untitled”

  1. Our God saves, Our God saves, Our God saves, there is hope in your name.
    Our morning turns to songs of praise, Our God saves , Our God saves, Our God saves.
    I am listening to our music team lead at WMB this morning thinking of you guys, Dave,Teri, Darin, Colin and Leah.
    How great is our God, How great is our God, How Great is our God sing with me how Great is our God!
    Love you guys


    • I just found your blog and it amazes me how similar our stories are. Isn’t it like that with cancer. Thank you for sharing so honestly and authentically and putting words to feelings that are so raw. I am not quite as eloquent. I go to princess Margaret on Thursdays for pembrolizab so we may not bump into each other but I know these walls and rooms well as do you and I will pray for Darin when I spend time on the 18th floor. I used to attend cornerstone years ago and am friends with roger and genille. Keep writing and sharing.


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