Confound and befuddle

Sorry, this one got kinda long … !!

What a difference a few days or a week make! I have to write this blog post tonight because my heart is swelling with hope & happiness.

When our pastor, Kevin, prayed for Darin 2 Sundays ago, he prayed that God would “confound” the doctors … interesting term.

This past Sunday Kevin prayed that God would “befuddle” the doctors with miraculous healing that would remove all the cancer from Darin’s body. Sounds like the miracle we’ve been hoping for …

Now, I believe we are doing just that! After a very rough weekend of feeling like Darin’s illness was getting the best of him, & us feeling increasingly desperate & fearful, he has had some ‘alright days’ this week … still in pain with his back & legs, but also moments of feeling slightly more rested & energetic. After a massage at GoodLife he was able to enjoy a short time in the pool. Tonight he had the energy & will power to do what he does best … join his worship band’s rehearsal & “rock it out on the keys” (words spoken by yours truly!) 🙂

Thank God!!! And THANK YOU …  ALL of our friends & family, both near & far, people we know well & people we hardly know at all, for praying & supporting our family during this difficult time. The countless ways you have blessed our family is completely overwhelming & we are forever grateful. The way so many people at Cornerstone Community Church have stepped up & offered us meals is incredible. Thank you so much.

Please keep praying for our son. We are firm believers in the power of prayer & know that God is already at work … in a very mighty way. As my former office manager & now dear friend Anne so beautifully wrote to me this week … “the miracle is already here. The miracle of our Saviour, the miracle of family & faith, & of Darin – a child beloved of our Heavenly Father who called him by name before he every became a gift to our family. The miracle of a young man who is steadfast & immovable in his faith, that despite all, lives as an example to everyone who meets him. The miracle of Darin who lives with the assurance that he is held close in the palm of God’s hand.” (paraphrased slightly)

We are holding fast for that miracle. Day by day.


4 thoughts on “Confound and befuddle

  1. What wonderful news,how discouraging the news felt at times but we know God knows & understands even those feelings.
    It has been hard to know what to say at times but Darin & your family are an inspiration to us all.
    We continue to pray for all of you.
    May God bless you all with a miracle


  2. Hi Dave, Teri and especially my friend Darin,
    I have the day free from work, and after taking care of some responsibilities around the home sat down at my desk to read and listen.
    I have been with great difficulty trying to continue to pray for you guys, but it comes with few words.

    Teri this blog is an array of sunlight from our Father/ creator in heaven.
    Thank you Jesus!

    Oh how Jesus hears us, and loves us so much.

    I can see( in my mind ) Darin on the keys playing music with the incredible gift God has given him.
    I am so proud of Darin, and his faith lifts me , and encourages me.

    With tears I will thank our Father in heaven for his greatness.

    Your friend,


  3. Hi Dave and Teri.
    Just wanted to let you know, that this blog post was such an incredible encouragement and joy to read. We praise God for his mercy and grace!!!


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