What you’re really made of

For the first time since I started this blog, I’ve been struggling the last few days with what to write … or even what title to give this blog entry. Words like “the valley” or “a turn” or “this is a test” or “that sick feeling” come to mind, but sound so desperate & discouraging that I don’t want to see them in print. But honestly, our week has been discouraging & at times, desperate, with every other emotion in between.

Some high points:

a visit from both Colin & Leah last weekend … & a good ol’ fashioned game of back gammon with his sister (which Darin really enjoys & normally wins – but not this time!)img_0196

Darin’s beautiful smile as he starts a new regimen of all organic juicing, in our attempt to starve the cancer cells in his body the natural way. Who cares if the medical community  doesn’t believe in it, their treatment didn’t work either 😦


A beautiful, single yellow rose that Dave found in our backyard. A sign of HOPE that we are clinging to, moment by moment.


Some low points (which I refuse to take pictures of):

Darin’s very limited walking due to the severe pain in his back, hips & legs. Forced to use a cane at times, as well as a wheel chair for the hospital visits (I did try to make that part as fun as I could for him), plus long hours of time in the recliners in our basement.

Fitful nights, help required to get out of bed, only met with dry heaves to start the day … UGGHHH 😦 … oh the pain of it all!

Darin’s increased desire not to be left alone & to remain at home & declining visits from his friends … 😦

Dave & I watching our child struggle … in pain, sometimes so severe he can hardly move. Cuts you to the core. Such a sick feeling.

AND SO … we are discovering what we`re really made of & what we need to survive. What we need, is a miracle. I invite you, one & all, to hope & to pray with us … for the healing miracle that our son needs. We cling to the hope that our all powerful, all knowing God, the Great Physician & Healer, will provide that, according to His will. Amen.




6 thoughts on “What you’re really made of

  1. Oh, Teri. How do I even respond? I wish I had some beautiful way of expressing encouragement but I’m at a lack for words. But what I will say is that we are praying for that miracle of healing and for strength, hope and peace for this journey. With love from our family to yours.


  2. i’ve written and deleted 3 comments now…nothing accurately expresses the heaviness i feel when reading this latest post. God is good. All the time. but right now, this doesn’t feel so good. we love you and pray for you regularly. we will now pray more specifically for a comfortable sleep and for a morning without dry heaves, and for strength to continue to fight and show “what you’re made of”.


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