Highs … & Lows

We are still choosing to be thankful for 24 hours of good times we had at the start of our Thanksgiving Weekend at our church retreat at Camp Crossroads. Great friends, beautiful surroundings, good food & God’s greatness displayed in people & nature are a lot to be thankful for 🙂

Unfortunately, our good times came to a grinding halt after one day of fun. While Darin was feeling alright he enjoyed a few of the activities he loves most, while at camp with his friends. But boy, did he suffer after that 😦

Saturday night his muscles seized up terribly, causing him to have trouble walking on Sunday, & by Monday evening when the fever started, we weren’t quite sure what was going on. Maybe he was battling the flu on top of everything else? Man … what else?!?

After 3 days of that, we found ourselves in the ER department of the St. Catharines hospital, hoping for answers & some relief from the pain, fever & shortness of breath.     7.5 hours, 1 x-ray & 1 CT scan later, we had some answers. The fever finally dropped & the pain decreased after large amounts of fluids & medication, but the other news we got was unexpected and not what we’d hoped for. Fluid on the lung. Ughh. Yet another issue to deal with 😦

Our “high”of the previous week definitely turned into one of our lowest weeks yet. It’s hard to have a sick kid. It’s even harder to have a really sick kid. These are tough times.

As we head into 3 days of tests & 1 day of treatment, we are hoping & praying for better times. Days of less pain & more strength. Days when we don’t feel like the disease is winning. Days of trusting our God to provide for everything we need. Days where the well wishes & prayers of our family & friends are answered.

God bless us, every one.


5 thoughts on “Highs … & Lows

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear this has been that kind of a week! I’m hoping for better days head, and we continue to pray for healing and encouragement.


  2. Just wanted to let you know that you are all in our minds and hearts often. We are praying for continued faith, healing of Darin’s body, and that this week be much better than the last.


  3. so wonderful to read of the great time you had at crossroads…so discouraging to hear what happened next. continuing to pray for strength & healing and are thankful for a bit of relief from the pain for Darin. trusting that this next treatment will help. love you guys!


  4. Love you guys a lot!
    I hurt for you, but really don’t know your pain.
    Darin, Dave and Teri, you are very special people to do many.
    ” Jesus please comfort my dear friends, the ones you love so much……”
    Always your friend


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