Thankfulness is a choice

It’s easy to be thankful when your life is cruising along just the way you want it to. When things are going your way & all is well in your world, thankfulness comes very naturally.

But for us, it’s a bit different than that these days. On May 20th our lives took a turn. Then on July 6th (when Darin was re-diagnosed, with sarcoma) they took another turn, with many ups & downs & ‘bumps in the road’ in the days since then. We don’t always feel thankful. But we often choose thankfulness. Sometimes it’s during the hard times in life, during the dark days, that you have to look for the small things & choose to be thankful.

We have a lot to be thankful for! I can’t even begin to list everything! But as we look toward this weekend, we are especially reminded of the need for an ‘attitude of gratitude’ that we all need to have, to make every day better.

Darin has had, as of today, 7 days in a row of feeling alright. Less pain in his body, a smile on his face & a wonderful outlook on his life, & all that is good in it. We are thankful.

We are thankful to be getting away for a few days this weekend, with our wonderful church family, to enjoy some time at Camp Crossroads, near Bala. We look forward to some fun with friends & some much needed R&R, where we can feel God’s presence in the beauty of nature.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to count your blessings 🙂


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