1 week later …

Well family & friends,

We’ve been reeling in a roller coaster of emotions this week … the full range of hope to despair, fear to peace, & everything in between.

We are thankful for the love, support & prayers of all of you. It is getting us through every day, moment by moment. We are doing our best to stay strong & positive. It still feels surreal at times, but more & more real all the time too.

Darin is OK. Physically pretty much the same as always … mentally up & down. His faith is strong, so he is trusting God every step of the way.

We have almost all of the tests (MRIs, PET & bone scan) booked for next week, with the follow-up with the oncologist the following week. Please keep all of us in your thoughts & prayers. The waiting is hard & fear of the future real. We will update as we are able.

This is a tough journey. But we are trusting God & relying heavily on Him for strength & comfort as we go. We so appreciate your journeying with us. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know HIM who holds the future, & in that we rest.


Some shocking news

Hello Family,

Sorry for the mass email, but we received some unfortunate and shocking family news today & decided this is the best way to let everyone know all at the same time.

Darin has had a small lump on his upper back, between his shoulder & neck for some time now & recent testing has brought us some bad news.

Today he was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma, a rare form of (spreading) skin cancer. He will undergo further testing next week & we hope to have a more definitive diagnosis & “next steps”  treatment plan within 2 weeks. The doctors have been good so far, & are moving things along as quickly as they can. Likely he will be referred to Mac in Hamilton or Princess Margaret in Toronto for treatment.

Please keep our family in your thoughts & prayers as we are all in a state of shock & disbelief at the moment, as you can well imagine. Feels like every parent’s worst nightmare.

We’ve reached out to our church community & friends & do find strength in knowing people are supporting us as we journey this tough road. We know we are in God’s hands & He is the great physician, so we are trusting in & relying on Him. Taking it one day at a time for now …

Also, we are still in the process of sharing this news … so please no public re-telling just yet. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Hope to see some of you soon.

Much love to all,

Teri & Dave, for Colin, Leah & Darin